Red Earth Property Group started as an idea from a conversation between its foundation team members who were working together in previous roles.  Between them they had an extensive background and knowledge in Government, Social, Community and Aboriginal Housing, Remote Communities and the private Real Estate Sector. The team decided to strike out on their own given their desire and passion for stronger autonomy and a more localised presence in Western Australia and to ensure 100% of revenue is invested in local projects. A strong relationship had already been formed with Marra Worra Worra Aboriginal Corporation who became the obvious choice to partner with.

Established in January 2020 Red Earth Property Group is a wholly Aboriginal owned company that is part of the Marra Worra Worra Group of Companies.  Red Earth Property Group provides a range of services to people and Communities across Western Australia including property and tenancy management, Real Estate and consulting.

Adequate and appropriate shelter is a basic human need and its provision forms a fundamental human right.  With a vision of improving housing and community outcomes for all we connect with, Red Earth Property Group is passionate about supporting the aspirations of both Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians to reside in affordable and sustainable housing, thereby creating healthy and prosperous communities.

Housing is so much more than simply a roof over our heads.  It provides a foundation for individual, family and community wellbeing, providing a personal sense of place and home.  It is where we raise our families, engage in neighbourhood activities and (ideally) supports the development of equity which may be borrowed against, for example, to facilitate commencement of a small business.  For our most vulnerable Indigenous people and citizens, a home provides much-needed stability and connection to the community.  Secure, affordable housing is also central to a fair and prosperous country.

Despite many years of well-intentioned but often flawed approaches, the housing needs of many Indigenous and people on lower incomes continue to remain unmet.  Accordingly, Red Earth Property Group will lead and partner with the community sector, private sector and all levels of government to work on delivering creative solutions.

It is acknowledged that affordable housing remains out of reach for many Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians, even though property values have declined 21% since their peak, and affordability overall has improved.  Even now, working people earning low-to-moderate wages struggle to afford rent, let alone buy a home

Although the causes are complex, Red Earth Property Group does not accept this outcome and believes as a Nation we can do better.  We can and will make a difference.

MWW works with five language groups within the Valley to strengthen culture, support community and create sustainable solutions for the Fitzroy Valley. More broadly, MWW’s primary aim is to provide support services to existing and emerging groups in the Fitzroy Valley and to assist them to develop strong and sustainable communities and organisations.

With around 650 registered members, MWW provides a forum through which people of the region discuss and act on issues of common concern. MWW employs more than 80 local people and provides several support services including housing, employment, financial counselling, community development and other elements connected to self-determination.

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