• Housing Management

    Housing is so much more than simply a roof over our heads. It provides a foundation for individual, family and community welbeing, providing a personal sense of place and home. It is where we raise our families, engage in neighbourhood activities, and connect to the community.

    As a Licensed Real Estate Agent we will be able to provide property and tenancy management for private landlords and Government Contracts (where a License is required).

  • Consulting

    Red Earth Property Group offer expert advice on a range of housing matters including:

    • Property Management
    • Aboriginal Housing
    • Strategic Planning & Direction
    • Property Development
    • Land Tenure Related
    • Policy Setting and Validation; and
    • Project Delivery and Management
  • Red Earth Residential

    Licensed Real Estate Agent RA 78829
    Red Earth Residential is a Licensed Real Estate Agent dedicated to delivering an exceptional experience from our North Perth office servicing the Perth Metropolitan Area. Our team has extensive knowledge into the Private Real Estate Sector and are committed to providing a reliable service, long term relationships and support.

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  • Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) Provider

    Red Earth Property Group are working alongside Builders and Developers to provide a range of housing designed for people with extreme functional impairment or very high needs.

    If you are eligible for funding and are looking for someone to assist with your housing needs please contact our team.

  • Management of Short Stay Accommodation

    Our Team have extensive experience in Property and Tenancy Management and can provide a wide range of services for your Short Stay Accommodation. We can arrange Caretakers, Bookings, Maintenance and Cleaning as well as tenancy management.

    Experience in Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal Tenancies the team at REPG can ensure the smooth operation of your Short Stay Accommodation.

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